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Jaguars vs Titans 1pm EST (1 Viewer)

What, nobody's watching?
At Buffalo wild wings in North Alabama and they're not showing it on any of the 30 TVs.

Probably for the best, its gonna be ugly

ETA - nevermind, they just turned one TV to it 

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Love the dude but this isn't going to go well.
As a middle aged guy whose body is sore the day after a decent workout, I'm just saying that if the league is all about player safety, a guy who can't feel his fingers shouldn't be next man up. 

Not a doctor nor do I have any medical training.  If nothing else, it's a bad look.

3rd & 1. Titans call slow developing sweep to Derrick Henry and lose a yard.

Mike Mularkey gives his seal of approval

@APMarkLong: Titans have 60 yards total, 18 yards passing, are 1 for 7 on 3rd down and are tied with Jaguars 3-3 at halftime

Bad penalty and bad tackling were bailed out by conservative play calling and Titans convert the FG.


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