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James Hardy (1 Viewer)


I'm by no means a Bills homer (Jets fan), but I can't help but like Hardy for some spot starts if he's on your wire. He plays St. Louis, KC, and Miami twice. Nothing out of him Week 1 but scored a TD last week and might be a quality weapon inside the 20.


He's a young receiver and he will get more reps as the season progresses. Its unlikely he secures the WR2 opposite Evans this year. He will be a red zone target. That's why the Bills drafted him. They like him because of his height. All the rest of the WRs on the roster are shorter, especially Josh Reed, the curent WR2.

If your in a dynasty league, Hardy was taken in late round 1/early round 2 and is not available on the wire. He should be available in most redrafts.

He was only on the field for 6 plays in Week 2, and only 1-2 plays week 1.

He is a great red zone threat, but little more at this point. He will get 5-6 TDs this year, but will be VERY inconsistent with receptions & yards.

He's gonna have 0 catches on 2 targets 1 week, then 5 grabs & 2 short TDs in another. I think his value will be after week 8, when he's more involved in the offense. He's a decent guy to pick up, but I wouldn't recommend using him for several more weeks.


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