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Jene, who are your top 7 LBs, DEs, and DBs post draft? (1 Viewer)


I noticed you don't have rankings posted and I follow tiers article but a lot of drafts are going on so I was trying to get an abbreviated ranking list

You can find my top DL tiers on the front page of the website and linked in the DL Tiers thread.

Working on the LB tiers today and tomorrow, but I don't anticipate any major changes to the top two tiers in the last update in the LB thread. There will be changes to the DB tiers due to the number of attractive rookies entering the league, but I don't foresee anyone other than Johnathan Cyprien cracking the elite tiers from the last update in the DB thread.

Hoping to have them translated into 1-60 rankings by early next week.

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