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He's been playing well for me in a league but is it safe to assume his playing time will drop a lot when Jairus Byrd is healthy? Not to familiar with Buffalo's D overall so wasn't sure how he's been playing outside of the fantasy scores he's been getting.

he actually really got his snaps pimped up when mckelvin got knocked out because they borrowed aaron williams as cb.

byrd is supposedly working back, but who knows if that issue lingers, so i'd hate to bank on him.

this means you basically have positional pressure from 2 guys returning -- mckelvin pushing williams back over, and byrd, but they could always play a lot of 3 safety big nickel, and I think leonhard is pettine's guy, as he was always famous for being the qb of the jets defense, so I guess you have that sliver of hope.

I know there was a lot of talk around here about searcy's limitations in coverage bothering pettine, so if byrd is really 100% healthy and back to where he was could we see a big nickel base where williams is ss and searcy gets pushed off the field?

because I think that's basically your only chance.

like I said, i wouldn't count on byrd until he does it, but you're probably on borrowed time right now.

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