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JJ Watt #1? (1 Viewer)


According to Draft Dominator, JJ Watt should be the #1 overall pick in a balanced scoring system. Agree or disagree?

As a previous owner (last year), I whole heartedly agree. His presence on the D-line or field for that matter is phenomenal. 2 biggest attributes is getting to the QB and swatted passes.

Rules for DT, DE, LB, CB, S

Event Range (Low-High) Points Test?

Total Touchdowns 0-99 6 points each

Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent) 0-10 3 points each Test

Forced Fumbles 0-10 3 points each Test

Interceptions Caught 0-10 4 points each Test

Interceptions Caught 2-10 2 Test

Passes Defensed 0-99 1 point each Test

Tackles 0-99 2 points each Test

Tackles 5-99 2 Test

Assists 0-99 1 point each Test

Sacked a QB 0-10 2 point for every 0.5 Test (Warning!)

Sacked a QB 2-10 2 Test (Warning!)

Safeties 0-10 6 points each Test


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