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Josh Cribbs (1 Viewer)

Ice Cream Man

Josh Cribbs is listed as a WR for Cleveland.

First, is he the #3 WR? How often do CLE use 3+ WR sets?

Second, is he playing nickel as well? He's not listed as a DB in the depth charts but the last few weeks he's been racking up tackles. What's his role going forward?

Combined with his KR/PR duties he seems like an intriguing bye week option.

He's a Special Teams God, both returning kicks/punts and covering them.

He runs some WR too, moreso when Stallworthless is out (he seemed to see the second most snaps last week) but he's out there when Stallworthless plays too.

They also have the Cribbs package in which he lines up at QB, they've run that 3 or 4 times this year. He played the mobile QB role in college.


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