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Keep 3. Champagne Problems (1 Viewer)


Keeper question. 10 Team, PPR league. We start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE.

I can keep up to three players. Next to each name is the draft round pick I'd lose if I keep that player. You can keep multiple players from the same round but you lose the round after that was indicated. Example: If I kept three players with 1st round value, I'd lose my 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks. Each year the round value cost moves up two rounds.

My initial thought was to keep a RB, Allen and Lamb. Now I'm leaning towards keeping two RB's and Lamb. If I keep 2 RB's, which two? Let me know which keeper strategy you'd follow. Thank you.

Najee Harris (1st round)
Austin Ekeler (1st)
Christian McCaffrey (1st)
Josh Allen (7th)
CeeDee Lamb (8th)
Do you have a flex position? Can you play 3 RB's? I would be tempted to keep all RB's if that was the case. If not I keep two RB's and Lamb. I would keep Ekeler and CMC as the two RB's.
I'd keep 2 of the RBs and Allen. You lock up 3 starting slots for the season. That is 75 pts automatic (with 100+ pts upside) before you even set your lineup. Tons of WRs depth to fill out those starting slots.

* I went this route the last 2 seasons and finished runner up and dead last, thanks CMC. Trying to decide if lightning can strike 3 years in a row now :lol:
Eckler, CMC and lamb for me. The only person you should completely eliminate from this conversation is Josh Allen. Nahjee is a safer pick than CMC but, CMC is a league winner. Nahjee will keep you in the hunt. I think you aim high with the keepers and trust your ability to work the wire or work trades to beat your opponents. Id consider trying to find someone to fall for the Josh Allen top QB thing. Offer up Allen, Lamb and Nahjee (cause at that point who cares) and try and snag yourself a Kupp or Jefferson, or Chase, to pair with your top RBs.

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