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Keeper Advice Needed (1 Viewer)


I'm contemplating keeping Diggs (3) and either White (10), London (8) or Kelce (1). I hate utilizing a first round for a keeper, but do love the Kelce and Diggs stack. My heart says I should do Diggs and White, but I think Diggs and London could enticing as I like to run 4 WR sets. I'm just not sure I trust Ridder, would love everyone's thoughts. Let me know if you have questions or need additional data inputs.

10 team, 2 keeper league, half point PPR.
1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB,WR, TE, and DEF, no kicker).

Here are my options for Keepers this year (rd they'd be kept):
- Kelce (1)
-Diggs (3)
-Godwin (4)
-Drake London (8)
-Rachaad White, Pacheco, Jameson Williams, Dotson, and Brian Robinson (Rd 10). (I can keep two here, but it'd be round 9 and 10).

Expected other team keepers:
QB: Hurts and Mahomes
RB: Chubb, Pierce, James Cook, Pollard, Kenneth Walker, and Herbert
WR: Chase, Amon St. Brown, Jefferson, Garrett Wilson, Marquise Brown, Lamb, AJ Brown, Olave, Metcalf
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With that few keepers I typically just go with the best two guys. Are there restrictions on keepers (years able to be kept)? Do you know what pick you have?

Without knowing that info I would be leaning Diggs and London.
In a two keeper league there will be plenty of good options at all positions after the first round. There won't be another Kelce though. I'm keeping Diggs and Kelce. Nobody has a bigger positional advantage like him and now you. Good luck.

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