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Keeper advice requested (1 Viewer)


For me, it"s not too early to think about 2019 keepers. I am in a 10 team, 2 keeper, 20 player, standard scoring league (TD's 6 points). We have an IR spot available which I have not used yet which is the key to this early question. I could stash a player in my own IR spot who is on 2018 all season IR, like Derrius Guice or someone else possibly. Those on my current roster who are worthy of some consideration as a 2019 keeper are:

Jared Goff

Keenan Allen


Kerryon Johnson (a bit premature probably, we'll see)

Jordan Howard

Tyreek Hill

Normally, I would not consider a QB in a 10 team league, but the offensive firepower on the Rams forces me to consider Goff.

Derries Guice could be huge next year. Are there others? I could easily look forward to picking 2 keepers from my current squad but that does not mean that they will start 2019 either healthy or in a good situation (see LeSean McCoy). 

Anyway, I would appreciate any suggestions or thoughts. If you have a post of your own, I will help in return. thanks.

Definitely throw Guice into that IR spot. You don't have to keep him but it would be nice to have him as an option. You don't say if there are any round considerations but Howard, Kerryon, Allen and Hill are all potential keepers from your group. No way you keep Goff with those guys available.

I treat leagues with that few keepers basically like a redraft and if there are no penalties (lose the round drafted, salary implication, limited years to keep) then I keep the best two players.  I don't see Guice jumping to be one of your best two keepers however there is no reason not to stash him on IR at this point if you have it available.  I wouldn't do that if it detracted from your team for this year in any way (one of your main players gets injured and you need to stash them on IR it would be an easy decision to drop Guice).

I just don't see any way that you would keep a RB coming off a major knee injury that has never played in the NFL over the players you listed as possible keepers. 

Thanks for the replies.To clarify, this league has no keeper penalties such as draft position, salary, etc. Fair point about the fact that he would be coming back from an ACL tear. It's not like he has a wrist injury like David Johnson had last year.

Does anybody currently on IR fit the bill better?

No reason not to stash Guice, though I doubt you'd keep him. Right now my gut says Hill and Gronk would be your keeps, with a chance of Allen, Howard or Goff moving ahead of Gronk.


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