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MC Maddogs

Keep 4.  12 team league. Non-PPR.  1/10 Yards rush and receive; 1/25 pass; 6 points for TDs.  Start one QB, two RB, two WR, one TE and one RB/WR/TE.  

Keeping Freeman.  Next options for final three spots are Doug Baldwin, Michael Thomas, Adam Thielen and Goff. 

I'd keep all three wide receivers.  Goff is good, but he should be around for a little while in the draft if you want him bad enough.

This way you can go rb/rb (Freeman is okay, but he would be ideal for your third rb) or possibly rb/te if you have any interest in Gronk or Kelce.  You won't have to worry about WR.  You've already got three who are capable of putting up WR1 numbers.


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