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Keeper decision help needed (1 Viewer)


12 team league, non ppr, bonus for TD length

S.Diggs (in lieu of 6th rd pick) or Cooper Kupp (11th rd pick)

I am leaning towards Cupp for value, but seems that Diggs is close to a monster break out season.

Any opinions are appreciated

Diggs is the better value as hes normally gone in the 3rd round and Kupp goes in the 7th or later.  Using a 6th round pick for a 3rd rounder sounds good to me, and if your high on Kupp pick him up in the 7th (or 5th if you REALLY like him)

I agree on Diggs.  In overall redraft he is sitting at 34 and Kupp is sitting at 73.  so its a 3rd round pick for the price of a 6th or a 7th round pick for the price of an 11th.

If you look at the trade value chart, because of round to round accelerating depreciation, getting a third for a 6th is actually much better value.


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