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Keeper help: 3 players with draft slots (1 Viewer)

RedMoonDog 7-11

I need some help deciding what keepers to  hang on to.  We can keep 3 players for 3 years max.

 Players I’m considering and the draft round I’ll have to give up to keep them listed below:

David Johnson (1st round) Kept him last year.  I’m the 7th overall pick and don’t expect him to fall to me.

Jerrick McKinnon (FA; give up 16th round)

Jordan Howard (16th round pick, kept him last year)

Michael Thomas (14th round pick, kept him last year)

Davante Adams (4th round pick) 

Appreciate any input! 

Johnson and Thomas for sure, and I would go with Howard. Howard is a safer pick than the new toy McKinnon whose durability is already in question.


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