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Keeper Help: Gurley, Hopkins, Rodgers - I Can Only Keep Two (1 Viewer)


The title basically says it all. 

I’m in a 12 team PPR league. I can keep up to two players from my team last year, but they count as my first two picks in my draft. I pick 4th in a snake draft and need to turn in my keepers by tomorrow night.

I’m most definitely keeping Gurley, so it’s really just down to Hopkins vs. Rodgers as my second round keeper. I think the general thinking is to keep Hopkins and try to get a top QB in round 3, but QBs tend to go super early in my league and, given the depth at WR this year, maybe it would be better to keep Rodgers and try to get a good-but-not-elite WR in round 3?

I’m stuck. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

How many QBs does your league start? If it’s just 1, Hopkins is the pick hands down. Like beerbuff said, QB position is deep. You’d be locking in the #1 overall RB and #1-3 overall WR (depending on who you ask). 


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