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I'm probably over-thinking this, but i've been agonizing over which of the following three players to keep this season (10 team PPR):

- Jordan Howard    (no longer an RB1 in new offense?)

- Tyreek Hill  

- JuJu Smith-Schuster

- Josh Gordon

- Kenyan Drake

- Alex Collins

So looking for your opinions/take on the matter....which 3 would you keep?  

I'm leaning towards Jordan Howard, Tyreek Hill...and then i have no idea...the least risky of the rest seems to be Collins.

I'm going to have the 8th and 13th picks in the draft (if that helps in your thought process)

Thanks ahead of time!

Howard , Hill, and Ju Ju would be who I keep in PPR//////f non PPR or other RB heavy scoring I'd go Collins then Drake instead of Ju Ju.

I assume there is no penalty for keeping players (round lost, salary cap, etc).  If that is the case then you just pick the three best players and not overthink it.  To me that is Howard, Hill and Ju-Ju


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