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Keeper - Kelce or Goodwin? (1 Viewer)


12 Team PPR League.

Deciding between either Kelce in the 5th round or Goodwin in the 11th round.

Kelce - one of the most consistent at a scarce TE position. however, Mahomes at QB can be a downgrade, and Watkins stealing some sunlight in his redzone targets.

Goodwin - WR are a dime a dozen. However was on absolute fire in the fantasy playoffs for me last year and is showing some serious chemistry this preseason with Garropolo.

which would you pick?

As a die hard 49ers fan, Kelce is your ticket.  5th round for Kelce is stellar, and you can still draft Goodwin in the 6-8 rounds if want him

Even though I don't like going TE with a keeper I think Kelce is your best option.  5th round is great value for him.


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