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1/2 pt ppr..12 teams.. currently in 5th , 3rd in total points..  have potentially 4 keepers , M Thomas , Conner , Chubb & Coleman , do I trade one or both of the last two , or keep them ? I want to offer the Hunt owner , currently in 8th chubb + , his keeper situation isn't good . We can also trade keepers in the off season for draft spots , I have the 6th..gurley,kamara,hunt,mccaffery, johnson. Prob 1st 5.. want to move into the top 4.. hunt owner also has the 4.. he may do hunt for chubb now.. Coleman and the 6th for the 4th in the off season.. but is my team  good enough to make a run..

Watson.. conner..chubb..m thomas..landry..sheppard..coleman..gronk(when he decides 2 play).. a little week at wr.. allen..fitz..juju..a.j...kept last year.. not interested in anyone of them for my 2 potential keepers..maybe allen.. ...

Sorry for the rant..  thoughts

I would definitely move Coleman as he is a distant 4th in your keeper decision.  There is no way you keep him over the other choices you presented.  I would try and hold onto Chubb as he will finish this year strong and help you this year.  Remember the goal is to win so focus on winning this year.  You are 3rd in points which means you are a serious contender. 

Thx.. that is my best bet.. plus I do believe if Coleman gets signed by the right team.. he will be drafted late 2nd , 3rd round in redrafts , making him a pretty decent 2nd keeper in my league 


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