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Keeper Question - Keep 2 (1 Viewer)


Hey guys -- I am new to the forum, but not new to footballguys. I am struggling on who to keep this year. We are allowed to keep two players, it's a 10 team league, and its a full 1 point PPR league. Based on last year's draft, these are my options:

Austin Ekeler - Round 1 (Moved up 3 spots since I've used him twice)
AJ Brown - Round 1
Joe Mixon - Round 2
DK Metcalf - Round 4
Tee Higgins - Round 6
Dalton Schultz - Round 8

I was thinking either Ekeler/Mixon or Mixon/Higgins. What are your thoughts?


Do you know who everyone else may be holding on to or at least have a good idea of what is getting thrown back into the pool. If all of the other teams keep at least 1 RB, that's 9 off the board to start the draft and with you having 1.6, you can bet at least 3 RBs will be selected before you go....so would you be ok with Chubbs, Barkley, or Williams as your RB#1.....And if anyone keeps 2 RBs, then you will be picking a RB with a lot of question marks......I think I would rathe have Ekler and Higgins and whatever comes in the second. I think the drop off in talent, opportunity, and health after RB# 9 and 10 are too much to give up Ekler in place of Mixon

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