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Keeper Question (1 Viewer)


12 team league been around for 20+ years.
Snake draft I pick 11th in round 1 and 2nd in round 2.
If we decide to use a keeper we lose a pick. Keep one I give up my 11th pick in rnd 1. I keep 2 I lose the 2nd pick in rnd 2.
Max of 2 keepers.

Here is who I am keeping and wondering if I should keep either of the other one.
1 WR1 Justin Jefferson

Deciding on
15 RB7 Nick Chubb - Falls within the top 24 range but just outside the top 14. But I feel I let him go and see what I can get with the 14th overall pick hoping people dont keep a lot of players as usual. Worst case I pick him at 14.

Hometown Bengals fan and dont want my judgement clouded so hoping to hear from the experts.
This depends on what will be available to you based on other keepers. How many players usually get kept? Looking through the teams who are likely to be kept? Make that list and it will give you a better idea of what you should do. Keeping Chubb isn't a bad thing but if you want more flexibility and will likely be able to get a similar player then he isn't a must keep.
I like Chubb's consistency and explosiveness potential. Depending on scoring is he top 24? Is he 14? I imagine 1QB league. Due to age I'd say there may be younger guys as far as long term keeper. He could be hold and miss season trade?
I would keep Chubb I think. He will get more touches this year and I think his end value will be higher than 15.

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