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Keeper WR Question - Davis, Goodwin or Funchess (1 Viewer)


I can keep 2 of the following 3 players in a snake draft .5 PPR league. The number in parenthesis is the round I would get to keep them at.

Corey Davis (8)

Marquise Goodwin (12)

Devin Funchess (11)

Goodwin and Funchess, Davis is a rising star but the other guys are still rated above him and you don't give up as much round wise.

Goodwin and Funchess, both for their draft value in double digit rounds, and for the value both these guys will have in their respective offenses.

Funchess forsure. But I kind of like Davis.... call me crazy, but I think he just might have a pretty good season. 

For me Goodwin is the automatic keep of those three and then I am torn between the other two.  I probably would go with Davis because I think Funchess will be second fiddle to Moore in Carolina. 

 If you can keep them again and again for a similar price then definitely keep Davis. If it's just for this one season then it's a close call; I think I'd probably still keep him.

I'd keep Goodwin ahead of Funchess but basically it comes down to which of the two you like more for this season. Although I guess it depends on where in the round those picks are.

If it is a keep for one year, rather than an opportunity to keep long term, go with Goodwin and Funchess.

 Guys are both (likely) the #1 WRs on their teams.  I like Davis but he is still very prospective.  Curious, but you don't have other/better options?

Could you give an opinion on my keeper league trade question?  Thanks!  :thumbup:

Our league doesn't allow teams to keep players drafted in rounds 1-4, so my better receivers were not permitted to be keepers.


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