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Kelly Campbell reunited with Culpepper (1 Viewer)


Former Vikings WR Campbell to sign with Dolphins

By Alex Marvez and Keven Lerner


Posted March 16 2006, 3:49 PM EST

A source said that former Vikings receiver Kelly Campbell is expected to sign with the Dolphins.

Campbell would be reunited with new Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper, who he played with in Minnesota from 2002-04.


Campbell was out of football last year. He tore a quadriceps muscle in training camp and was eventually released.

Campbell was arrested in February 2005 and charged with possession of marijuana and theft by receiving stolen property involving a handgun. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that he reached a deal with the Fulton County District Attorney to avoid a trial.

In 2004, Campbell caught 19 passes for 364 yards and one touchdown as a backup. He also returned 35 kicks for 760 yards. His 18.6 yards per catch career average ranks as third-best in Vikings history.

He enjoyed his best season in 2003, when he caught 25 passes for 522 yards and four touchdowns. His 20.9 yards per catch average in 2003 ranks as the sixth-best in team history, and best since Anthony Carter's 24.3 average in 1987.

Campbell was signed by the Vikings as a rookie free agent in 2002 at the urging of former Vikings defensive coordinator George O'Leary, who coached him at Georgia Tech.


Interesting. Will this help or hurt Chambers's FF value?
It's going to hurt and hurt big time. The chances of Chambers ending up in jail with a new friend just went up.
Its kind of a sad commentary on professional sports when you are just as likely to see a player's police blotter as you are his previous season's stats.

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