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King’s Classic for Kids (1 Viewer)


Spoke with Bob Lung tonight and was reminiscing about Terry Cannon’s old Youth Fantasy Leagues. That led to us wondering if there would be interest in putting together an under 18 league for boys and another for girls.

Now one requirement would be attendance with a parent at the FF Expo to attend the live draft.

League size would be 8-14 teams depending on interest.

The Blanca Division of the King’s Classic Blanca Division is covered on Sirius XM. Not sure Sirius would cover all or any of the kids drafts but I think someone might cover part of it and the winners would get a championship belt.

So what do you all think - is there enough interest to do this? Bob and I will likely discuss this on my podcast Thursday night at 8 PM ET. We will also talk about the Expo.

Feel free to reach out to me here or on Twitter/X. I will be reaching out to Joe Bryant tomorrow to get his feedback.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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