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Lamur Emmanuel or Danny Trevathan? (1 Viewer)


12 team IDP league start 3 LB's with the option of a flex at any position other than QB. The trade would be my Lamur and 4.11 for DT and 6.8. Below is the scoring. Thanks for your input!


Tackle 2 pt

Assist 1 pt

Tackle for loss .5 pt

Int 4 pt

Pass Defensed 3 pt

Fumble Rec 3 pt

Force Fumble 3 pt

Sack 2 pt per ½

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Forgot to mention other LB- Clay Matthews, Melvin Ingram, Ryan Shazier, Avery Williamson. Also it is a cap and contract style league DT is $32 for 2yr and lamur $3 for 3yr. Thanks again!

I think there's a pretty good chance Lamur will be worthless this season. His strength is supposedly in pass coverage, which gives him the potential to be a three down guy, but the problem is that he has struggled in coverage and he is so bad against the run that they might make him a pure nickel linebacker. They could play Maualuga, Dawson and Burfict in base, Burfict and Lamur in Nickel, and Burfict in dime. If Burfict doesn't come back healthy I still think they will rather play Rey over Lamur in base. Lamur was terribly disappointing this past season.

Trevathan is a potential FF stud. I've been staying away from both Trevathan and Marshall because I see both their injuries as serious issues, but I'd be willing to take a gamble on Trevathan.

Ouch...noticed the salaries. I'm not sure I'd take a gamle on Trevathan's fractured kneecaps at $32...

Hey thanks for getting back.

We are given a salary of $500 and I was had $166 free. I did accept the trade. If I have to, i could cut him and take a 20 percent hit on cap which is about $6. I hope it was a good move. Thanks again for the input!


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