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[SIZE=11pt]This is it! This is the last day to get into a draft, before the NFL season kicks off tonight. Today we (FantasyHeadquarters.com; in our 13th year providing leagues!) have two live drafts for you. We will be filling up these two drafts over and over again, as often as we can, all the way up until their draft times. And then we'll extend each draft time 45 minutes, and see if we can't fill up ANOTHER league of its kind again as well. [/SIZE]

So what are you waiting for? This is your last chance to get into a league before the season starts TONIGHT. These last two drafts are detailed below, simply click on a league name below to join it immediately, or you can click here NOW to, instead.
[SIZE=11pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt] Sixth, 10, Live, SUPERflex, A:[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]*** Our one and only "SUPERflex" leagues! You'll start 1QB, 3RB, 4WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DT, and then 1 FLEX player, who may be a QB...yes - QB - or a RB, WR, or TE.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]*** Drafts TODAY, Thursday, September 5th at 1:30pm ET![/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]*** $49 entry fee.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]*** 10 teams; 24 round draft (to compensate for your 12-player starting lineup); up to 2 minutes allotted per pick.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Sixth, 10, Live, Traditional, AA: [/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]*** Drafts TODAY, Thursday, September 5th at 5:00pm ET![/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]*** $99 entry fee. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]*** Starting lineup of 1QB, 2 [/SIZE]RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, and 1DT. [SIZE=11pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]*** 10 teams; 20 round draft; up to 2 minutes allotted per pick. [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] [/SIZE]

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? This is your LAST CHANCE. Click here NOW to get in these last two leagues, before the NFL season kicks off later on tonight!
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