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LB Terry Pierce Cut (1 Viewer)

2nd round draft pick Terry Pierce is a good run stuffing MLB that was brought into Denver because they weren't sure if Al Wilson would get locked up long term. Wilson got the long term deal and Pierce didn't have a lot of successs transitioning to OLB. This is definitely something to watch. Best places I can come up with are Washington and Green Bay. Both have MLB's that are probably better suited to play OLB.

He was rumored to be trade bait to GB! What happened? I thought he was a very good LB just needed more maturity...

Just saw some trade information:GB traded for StL LB Robert Thomas.Indy traded for Ten LB Rocky Calmus.Also just saw Washington released LB Robert McCune. Maybe Pierce can get a second chance for the Skins.

Cleveland coud use some young talent in it's new 3-4. I wouldn't mind RAC looking at either of these two. Ruff/Davis are good, but the depth behind them is very susceptible, IMO.


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