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Line Up help, TE and Flex (1 Viewer)


Full PPR

I need some help at TE and a Flex, several trades on the table but if not who should I start

TE  Ebron or Njoku?

Flex - Ebron or Njoku and Goodwin, or drop Goodwin and pick up Chester Rogers, Larry Fitzgerald, or Courtland Sutton that all have decent match ups.

I'm trying to trade Ebron for a WR, I'm concerned his points are going to drop due to Hilton and Doyle coming back.

Njoku as TE, I'd still stick with Goodwin over those guys. Sutton does have some appeal for the rest of season if Denver does trade Thomas or Sanders and would be a great stash if you could swing it, but Goodwin is better this week.

I'd go with both TE's. Ebron is very likely to see fewer targets with the other weapons in Indy healthy, but those other options aren't appealing enough to start over him.

I'd stick with Goodwin. I'd be pretty surprised if Denver traded a WR. Fitz is interesting if the new OC gets the offense on track, but he also may have already fallen behind Kirk in the pecking order.


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