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Lineup help in must win (?) game? (1 Viewer)


PPR - Started 0-4 now 3-4 and 1 win out of playoff spot with next 3 games against two teams above and one below.

Looking for thoughts on these…Starter then bench…any suggested changes?

S - Jacobs
S- Mixon
B - Mattison
B - Warren

S - Chase
S - St Brown
S - Pickens - Flex
B - Aiyuk
B - Downs

S - Kincaid
B- Schultz

Pickens vs Aiyuk is my biggest ? With Purdy in protocol and already having two Bengals in that game I’m concened it could be 1) lower scoring and 2) Aiyuk suffers because either Purdy doesn’t play or he does and isn’t himself.

Read Jags give up outside catches and RAC…two things Pickens is all about

I wouldn't discount Downs. He is coming on and isn't out of the question to start him. He has had 16 receptions over his last three games on 20 targets. All that being said, I would roll with Pickens this week. He is on fire too.

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