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Lions should request to interview Singletary (1 Viewer)

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Mike would fit right into the Lion system. WOW...

"This is a joke"

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With all due respect to Mike Singletary, the Lions need someone a little more established. The Detroit Lions and their fans need to know that the guy they're bringing in IS a winner and proven it through coaching.

Mike Singletary reminds me of the potential Matt Millen was supposed to possess. Bring in a tough nosed defensive guy that doesn't take a lot of crap from nobody.

It takes more than that, as evident in the Millen era. I'm not saying Singletary can't coach or won't be a good coach. I'm saying Detroit IMO shouldn't take the chance on that, I'd go another direction. There are a lot of season ticket holders who are not coming back next year in Detroit and there is another large group who are in limbo on what they're going to do with those tickets. The "we have a new stadium" affect has worn off and people are not going to go down and watch this kind of product and pay those kind of prices when there's no hope.

The Lions organization needs to provide new hope in the hiring of a GM and coach. Hiring Singletary does not provide that hope.

I'll also say this. The Detroit Lions don't even or shouldn't even have their GM for the future yet. I don't understnad who's calling or requesting interviews. What should be done is this: The Lions need to hire the most knowledgeable GM out there at the end of this year. After the hiring, that GM will then go out and do his job by hiring the best coach and that coach brings in his assistants etc....

What are the Lions going to do? Hire a new head coach before the GM is here and then force a new GM to work with a bran new coach he didn't hire? Or do the Lions think the guy they have now replacing Millen is actually going to be the guy they need to turn the entire organization around.....I highly doubt it.

The Lions need to pay Bill Cowher about 6 bajillion dollars. They won't. They'll suck no matter who they bring in. Alway have. Always will.

The Lions need to pay Bill Cowher about 6 bajillion dollars. They won't. They'll suck no matter who they bring in. Alway have. Always will.
This is so very true. Only a player as gifted as Barry Sanders could lift them into a period of mediocrity in the 90's. Once he left, the team fell apart again.That being said, the Lions need to hire a GM first and then let the new GM make a decision on the head coaching position. They need to stop dragging their feet on this and hire someone before other GM jobs become available with other teams. Floyd Reese has basically stated he would be interested in the job so try talking to him. At least start interviewing people and get that process going. It would be nice to have a GM in place now who can start evaluating players and the coaches so personnel decisions can be promptly made once the offseason hits. Singletary would be a complete disaster in Detroit. The guy is so emotional he would probably have a heart attack watching the playes make all the mistakes that they do throughout a ball game. He would have a complete melt down much like Bobby Ross did at the end of his tenure (his "I don't coach that stuff" rant is still a classic) by Week 2.
The Lions need to pay Bill Cowher about 6 bajillion dollars. They won't. They'll suck no matter who they bring in. Alway have. Always will.
Billy can stay spitting on my TV screen, can't really say I would want him here. Its a good move to interview Singletary because they have to interview a minority or get fined before they hire a real coach.
Didn't the OP say this was a joke? Or was he referencing the situation? I'm not seeing this anywhere else.

Joke or not, from what little I've seen from Singletary as a HC, I can't think of a better fit for the Lions. Hopefully he'll bring the offensive genius with him to really make it a match made in heaven. I can see it now, Martz running the wildcat with Calvin as the qb, Daunte playing Tight End but split out wide, and Rudy playing left tackle. As Calvin snaps the ball and fakes a run, only to throw it up deep to Daunte, the pants come off, Martz stands there doing his best Herm Edwards impersination(which way did he go, which way did he go) and someone flashes onto the sideline and steals Mart'z 800 page play book. Post game apologies from all, to all. Rinse and repeat!

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