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I know you like to share your love for all things Steelers but can we agree that the teams they have played to date are not doing that well either due to injury or poor performance? Houston has yet to win a game, Cleveland has not played well on both sides of the ball, Baltmore is offensively challenged, Jacksonville has a host of injuries and they lost to Philly. Their upcoming schedule looks to be more difficult and I give them credit for hanging tough and pulling out the Baltimore and Jacksonville games but to date their schedule has not been brutal; OK rant over.

What do you all think Arizona's chances are against the Cowboys this week? Arizona is tough at home and the Cowboys seem to be in one of their self-induced funks. Who has the bigger game, Fitzgerald or TO?

What are your opinions on Thomas Jones. I have his as my #2 and had high hopes for him but have been disappointed so far. Has it been the schedule? The Line? The Farve aspect? Do you see any light at the end of the tunnel for him to be a solid, not spectacular #2 or should I cut bait and try to get what I can for him. I also have Washington who "technically" got the start last game.

Who have you guys been targeting for the stretch run and playoffs? You know, under-performing studs who you think will turn it around, guys with cake schedules and so forth.

Loving the show guys! I'm in 4 leagues and I've only lost three games total, and I credit your podcast for that! Although, if I hadn't drafted Zach Miller in ALL my leagues things might be even better.

Two questions:

1) Can we PLEASE finally come to terms and finally say that San Diego is NOT an "elite" team anymore? They are under .500 and their only wins have come against two sub-par teams. Analysts look at the Colts now and say their "window is closing", can we honestly say that the Chargers' isn't? They are a good team with with a few excellent players which allows them to play like an elite team, but they can't be consistent like one (i.e. New England 2007 or Colts 2006).

2) I'm stuck with a woefull RB core in one league that plays two RBs and a flex W/R spot. I have "This Ma' Son" (exclusive offer - see below) MJD, Mewelde Moore (probably no good after this week) and Tim Hightower. What so you think of Hightower's prospects going forward in the flex spot, and how aggressively should I try and acquire another RB? Who would be a good sell high WR candidate to use? I have Marshall, Colston, Braylon Edwards, Calvin Johnson, Eddie Royal, Lance Moore and Kevin Curtis.

Thanks Guys


Coloradan Stuck in Texas

This Ma' Son

Sorry for the link...image wouldn't post in the forum for some reason...

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I probably won't be able to listen live, but will definitely listen on the iPod tomorrow and/or Saturday morning.

If you don't want to answer this question for fear of hijacking the show by veering too far off the main topic, I'll understand. But if you can spare a few moments...

What kind of pro prospect is Dez Bryant? At 6'2" 210, he seems to have NFL size, and he's got some fantastic numbers this year (admittedly against weak competition). Will he be a first-round bust like my man Rashaun Woods? Will he be a pre-draft bust like my man Adarius Bowman? Or might he actually become a good pro?

And don't be afraid to show Zac Robinson a little love while answering :headbang:

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What will the status of Tomlinson be for the remainder of the season? His comments indicate that his injury will not improve with a one week break, but he requires closer to a 3 week break to return to 100%. Do you think the Chargers will continue to have him play at less than 100% because the team is struggling and then rest him near the end of the season if they are assured of making the playoffs? If the Chargers fall out of playoff contention will they shut LT down until he's 100%?

Hey Guys! Thanks for offering this forum.

We play 2 WR's in my ten-team league (standard scoring with .5 per reception). My 3 top WR's, Braylon, Andre Johnson and Engram have already finished their bye week. I also own Breaston, but his value will slip away with the return of Bolden, it seems. I, like many, am worried about Braylon and his QB situation. Your thoghts? If I were to trade Bralon, would Calvin and his QB situation or Tory Holt be a better performer or should I look elsewhere at WR?

Who's the best RB play this week: LT, Sproules, Hightower, McClain?

Finally, which 2 Defenses do you feel will be a better performer fantasy-wise for the rest of the season (Typical scoring): Jets, Bills, Panthers, Saints?

Mercy Buckets!


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Thanks for this opportunity again, Cec and Sig, from (probably) the lone guy playing fantasy football on Facebook.

Here's my lone dilemma for Week 6: a quality flex start (can be RB-WR-TE)

(Reggie Wayne and Brandon Marshall are my starting WRs, and SJax and Ronnie Brown are my starting RBs, with Cooley suiting up at TE), but I have a few viable options:

Bernard Berrian vs. DET

Braylon Edwards vs. NYG

DeSean Jackson vs.SF

Calvin Johnson vs. MIN

Kellen Winsolw vs. NYG (mystery illness and all)

I'm leaning toward starting Berrian, because, let's face it - it's the Lions.

Calvin Johnson scares me a bit this week because of the uncertainty at QB, but I would love to hear what you guys think about this.

I'll be in the chat room tonight as Tree Shaker.

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How do you see Colston and Shockeys returns in the next week or 2 affecting Bush's touches and numbers?

Also, would it be wise to trade him? The thing I like about him he seems like a shoe-in each week for 100 total yards, and the TDs are just bonus. I doubt I could get Portis, Gore, or Peterson for him, and I own Barber. I doubt Id trade him for anyone else, except a banged up Westbrook

If I cant get any of the aforementioned, should I still trade him?

...Second since we talked OK State for a minute, any potential pros on my undefeated Nittany Lions? Those Senior WRs, Royster, Stephon Green?

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Hi Guys, love the show-

In my flex, I usually start Big Ben but he's on a bye, would you start in his place one of these players

Edge James vs Dal

D. Williams vsTB

S. Rice vs Det

E. Royal vs Jac if he's playing

R. Meachem vs oak

A. Bradshaw vs Cle

or would it be better to pick up one of these QB's

J. Flacco vs Ind

J. Garcia vs Car

thanks guys keep up the good work!!!

Now that Brady has had his acl surgery, and is looking at a 6-9 month recovery, is he worth trading for in a keeper league for next year? He would only be a $28 hit in a $200 cap. Being a pocket passer, should I be less worried about him than let's say a RB? Would it be worth dealing someone like BRaylon Edwards for him (I already have Steve Smith and Holt)? Thanks guys.

Is there any top 20 preseason ranked players that are currently underperforming that you think will pick it up down the stretch? Conversly are there any present top 20 performers that you envision dropping off down the stretch?

Which is a better flex starter this week: Edgerrin James, Deangelo Williams, or Felix Jones?

Which stud Do I start for my work league. ...Michael Turner, Marion Barber, Brandon Jacobs, or MJD.

With Flacco looking like a promising young rookie QB and Cam as the OC, what are the chances that Mark Clayton lives up to his potential in the next two years?

How do you see the Ravens RB situation shaking out for the rest of the season? Is McGahee going to remain the starter? Will McClain vulture the touchdowns from him? Will Rice be a factor at all?

Hi guys,

I'm in a deep dynasty league, non ppr, and have Braylon Edwards and Calvin Johnson...I expected to set them in the line up and sit back and enjoy racking up the points for years to come...oh well! I also have Roddy White, Steve Breaston. Roy Williams & Isaac Bruce ... who to play this week?

I was thinking Breaston and Edwards, hoping the Monday night stage might bring the cream to the top. What do you think?

Thanks ... Jack Black, enjoying a tall glass of old #7 while watching my team dominate on Sundays.

Hey fellas thanks for all the work on the podcasts! Know it isn't easy but its a life saver on commutes! Dynasty question: I missed out on T Hightower and Mclain and I own P Thomas and A Hall and M Bush and G Russell . My record is 1 & 3. Who is the next deep rb to stash for next year, or maybe later this season? Thanks again and keep up the good work!

(time to listen to IDP Roundtable!)

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Id like your opinion on this trade that has been proposed to me. Keep in mind Im in a start 2 QB league. My current record is 4-1. Basically the impact on my roster would be an RB upgrade from Thomas Jones to Larry Johnson, but my 3rd QB would be a downgrade from Hasselbeck to Croyle, and Engram would be WR depth as my 5th WR. My full roster is below in my signature (starting roster spots are in brackets - for time considerations, probably only need to look at my QBs, RBs and WRs to analyze the trade):

I get Larry Johnson, Bobby Engram, and Brodie Croyle

I give Matt Hasselbeck and Thomas Jones

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Hi Guys...great show! I'm a faithful listener weekly.

Trade question here:

I'm in need of a solid QB as I have:

Hass, Collins, Frerotte, Young, and Schaub

I'm deep at WR/TE flex with Wayne, Burress, S. Moss, Evans. (start 3) I offered Plaxico to a team straight up for Campbell. He countered with Schaub & Witten for Cambell and his 3rd round pick in next year's 6 round rookie draft.

What do you guys think? Too steep for Campbell? If so, what would be a good counter?

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I got cut off before my question was answered - how do I hear your response to my question I posted above??
just answered it on the "overtime" segment. It will be on the itunes feed, and I will post here when it's up and ready!thanks for listening!
I got cut off before my question was answered - how do I hear your response to my question I posted above??
just answered it on the "overtime" segment. It will be on the itunes feed, and I will post here when it's up and ready!thanks for listening!
Thanks!! Any idea when it will be up??
Can't speak for Cecil but he usually has it turned around by tomorrow morning. You might be able to catch it on the BTR and stream it/download it there but I don't know if he leaves it up there.

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