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Live mock draft... (1 Viewer)

The Titans are willing to move down a few spots, no lower than #7, depending on the offer.

Would like to either add a 07 1st or more 06 picks.

I'll consider offers until the pick is OTC, then I'll likely pick immediately if nothing looks promising.

ETA: if we can include players, McNair is on the block. Dang guy wants to work out. ;)

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I know I wanted Marcus Vick.
He may be there in the 2nd, you never know. If you really want him, you should know that the Vikings are targeting him with one of their 2nd rounders.
If the Vikes thought the Boat incident this year was bad with Culpepper wait until they give Marcus a few million dollars to play with - they will be wishing they had Culpepper and Moss back.
:lmao: Wait up, guys - picks should go in a separate thread. milfoshane is going to start one so he can update the list past 5:00.
I thought we double post the picks here and in the official thread.
You can, but the point of having a picks thread is so that it can be updated after 5:00. If you want to update the picks in a post in this thread other than post #1 - go for it.

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