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Live Snake Draft to Live Auction.. (1 Viewer)

Thanks, this is very good info to know.   I'm slightly hesitant on going the yahoo/online route if a +1 button mashing contest ensues in the  closing seconds  to settle a fair portion of the player bids.  It's definitely not a deal breaker, but I could see a couple of teams reaching a stalemate on a fairly conservative number, things going quiet for 20 seconds, and then 3 or 4 owners mashing the '+1' in the last 1 or 2 seconds.  In some sense, the winner of this mashing contest is walking away with a bargain, since the price probably would have eventually reached a truer market value if the '+1' is allowed to continue until reaching a price where people back off. 

To put it another way, an auctioneer's job is to allow the maximum bid to come to the table in a reasonable timeframe before making the "SOLD!!" call.   This is a situation where yahoo bidding is leaving some money on the table that otherwise could have been extracted if the bidding plays out to completion, unbound by a timer clock.   Ultimately, it's not a big deal.   Nobody has any right to complain since they could have simply entered a stronger bid that they were comfortable with instead of playing for a mashing contest.   After the first "steal", the bidding should adjust accordingly with more price enforcement bids.   Not to mention that the online timer keeps things moving.           

Ultimately, probably going this route when the first owner says they can't make the live auction.
Important point: hitting the +1 pops the clock back up to 10 seconds. So there’s no last second snipping. 
and if people consistently wait til 1 second is left to hit the +1 button, the appropriate amount of verbal abuse and joking ensues :)  

Hey there, Commish of an auction with limited keeper league.  We use a $220 budget. Keep up to four players but only one in any position and their cost goes up by 10% each year with a minimum keeper price of $25 for an OFF player or $5 for an IDP (limited Def scoring) We auction for the first 10 rounds and then a serpentine draft, last to first from last year's standings, to fill out the rest of the rosters, min bid $1 for the auction rounds.  If you don't spend all your money too bad.  Must have at least ten players, including keepers, on your roster be the end of the auction portion or $1 for each unfilled roster spot up to the ten player min.   A little complex but has worked pretty well for 28 years, we don't usually have an auctioneer, someone in the room not interested in the player becomes the auctioneer and the few disputes we have had, even with heavy drinking in Vegas, have been resolved pretty amicably.  We have used MFL for an online draft two years ago but try to be in person if possible.

Did this three years ago.  Haven’t looked back since.  Couple of things:

Even though we roster 16, we capped the auction at 12 ‘rounds’.  We fill out the rest of our teams via FAAB.  This does help with length of auction concerns.  In addition, the first FAAB of the season is wild.

Also, no minimum of players you need to acquire on draft night.  You want to spend $200 on Taylor?  Have at it.  Ultimately, with everyone starting with the same amount of auction $ and FAAB, we let the free market rule.  At the same time, we’re a SuperFlex league and I think that makes a HUGE difference.

We do use a draft board, but replaced the round #’s with the positions and bench slots.

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Gally said:
The bold is what auction strategy is all about.  That is the position you are trying to always be in.  The guy that controls the draft with money.  I am not sure why allowing $0 makes it "cleaner".  
I've always been a $1 minimum guy....but I don't see how a 0 minimum changes this at all. If you have 20 bucks for 7 spots and I have 7 bucks for 5 spots you're still winning. You still have control....I can still only stretch once or twice before you control the next 5 or 6 players for a buck. It changes the math slightly, it changes the strategy almost not at all

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