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Lock Team Down Or No? (1 Viewer)

Should This Team Be Locked Down Or No?

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the lone star

So let's say we're like 9-10 weeks into the fantasy season, and Owner A has been able to make trades all season long. During Week 1 he told his opponent that he wants to go all-in this year because it is likely his last year in the league. The opponent thinks Owner A also told him this during the off-season, but isn't 100% sure. However, Owner A has now been eliminated from the playoffs and it does seem like he will not be coming back to the league next year. Sure, he might come back next season (the previous season he said the same thing, yet still returned), but odds are he won't.

This is a dynasty league where, obviously, you can trade draft picks from future years to acquire players. Owner A has made these kinds of trades with the Commish and other owners all year, even after Week 1 when he told his opponent that he was leaving. There is no trade deadline and teams eliminated from the playoffs are not locked from making roster transactions. In fact, trades have been processed to teams in the championship right before kickoff for Week 16.

So do you still allow Owner A to make trades, or do you shut him down completely?

Assume that the league does not vote on trades, but that the trades he will make will be for fair-market-value (as determined by many previous deals made in the league).

Also, keep in mind that somebody else will have to inherit his team, but the new owner has not been found just yet.
However, also be sure to consider that Owner A has paid full dues for the league this season and that the team is still 100% his at the moment.

I don't think you shut him down, but the commissioner should always have the right to do what's right for the league.  I'm assuming you are the commissioner .  But if not, you tell the commissioner to act in the best interest of the league.  Take each trade on a trade by trade basis.  If it's a fair trade there is no reason he shouldn't be able to make it.  If it isn't a fair trade, the commissioner can use the Veto on it.  Since your league doesn't vote, you could post the trade here like you did for this question.  Let the impartial Football Guys community tell you whether it's a fair trade or not, and use that as your reason for acting or not acting.

I don't think the Owner should be shut down because if this is a money league he/she must have paid to participate this year and should be able to. That being said though, if his trade or trades are so awful and not in the best interest of the league as a whole than the commissioner should have the right to do what is needed to clear it up including vetoing the trades. It certainly isn't fair to the other owners for the actions of one owner.


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