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Looking for 3 Dynasty Managers, looking to take over Orphan Teams (1 Viewer)


Good Afternoon... Season will be here before you know it.

A league I am in, is still looking for 4 members to take over an

existing dynasty league team.

For the 4 remaining teams, we are going to have a dispersal draft,

just for these 4 teams, with all players previously associated with

vacated teams, that will be released to the free agency pool. There

will also be 2023 draft picks up for grabs in this dispersal draft as

well. (these are just the picks, not the players, for example the 5th

pick in the 23 rookie draft) the 23 rookie draft will be held right

after the dispersal draft. There are some really good players up for

grabs in the dispersal draft. I have a spreadsheet that I will

include, that lists all players available. Let me know if interested,

we want to get the dispersal draft going by Tuesday, so we can get the

23 rookie draft done right away.

They buy it for just $50, and you do have to pay for this year and next.

League champion $300

2nd Place $200

3rd Place $100

list of available players for the dispersal draft


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