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Looking to set up a Game of Thrones Dynasty League (1 Viewer)


Someone mentioned this a few week ago and nothing seems to have come to fruition. So here's the idea.

A 12-16 team dynasty league, themed around Game of Thrones. Each franchise will be named after one of the houses, i.e. House Stark, House Tully, etc...

  • standard scoring
  • IDP
  • 4 divisions
  • salary cap
  • multi-year player contracts
  • rookie draft followed by an auction draft
  • tradeble draft picks
  • rosters up to 30
  • 8 person taxi squad
  • 2 person IR
Rules aren't set in stone yet, feel free to make suggestions.

If this sound like something you'd be interested in, let me know and I'll look to create the league. Chances are this would have to be a league on MFL, but I won't be setting the price to join anywhere near as high as some people in this forum.

Please PM me or reply to this if you're interested in joining. Serious people only though. I'd be looking to make this a multi year league.


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I'd be very,very interested in such a league! Love the idea of making it an idp league....I think the graphic element would have to be huge in this scenario,we could not afford to play with the basic mfl template.....I think someone in the former thread posted about another GOT themed league,the guy who designed the site made a great job....maybe if this thing takes off,we should ask for some help...? :)

I agree with the not too rich entry fee,but I'd suggest making it a money league nonetheless,I think it would keep owners committed....maybe around 50 bucks fee?

Anyways,really hope we manage to get this going....!

Sent you a PM, I've been looking for a league similar to something like this with a salary cap after one I was in last season went caput. Though I do like deeper rosters than just 30, with large starting lineups and maybe a little return yard scoring mixed in... :P

Cool! Glad there's some interest in this. I'll do a little revising of the concept, as mentioned in a PM obviously certain house names would be taken straight away. With the concept of a deeper roster it might be an idea to keep the numer of teams to 12 rather than 16, and also add in the return points too. I'll re-reply shortly with the new proposal and also look at a cost to join the league. Again I'm not looking to make loads of money out of this but I would like some sort of commitment from people to join and stick with it as I want this to last a good few years.

Regarding theming of the aesthetics, I'm a web designer / developer so if I can access the ability to alter and develop the theme I'll look into that.

OK, done some thinking, here's what I thought.

  • 12 team dynasty league over 4 divisions
  • All team names based on a a House, i.e. Stark, Lannister, etc.
  • Team names will be randomly picked, either by numbers out of a hat or maybe some form of draft if possible, to keep it fair.
  • Custom scoring to include return yardage
  • Salary cap & multi-year player contracts
  • Rookie draft followed by an auction draft
  • Tradeble draft picks
  • Rosters up to 30, including IDP
  • 8 person taxi squad
  • 2 person IR
I'll set the league up on MyFantasyLeague, but due to there being a fee to set up the league I would look for an entry fee. My thinking is the entry fee will be $50 with the league being paid for out of the pot and the rest split between winner, runner up and maybe third. So from each entry fee, $7.50 goes towards the league cost, then the remaining goes into winnings (I'll use Leaguesafe for the winnings (maybe PayPal for the initial league cost). That would mean that the pot is $510.

  • $300 for winner
  • $140 for runner up
  • $70 for third
What do people think?

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If you're still looking for owners for this, I'd be interested. You can drop me an e-mail at jabakalous at gmail dot com

Any updates on this? I'm still interested.

I'd prefer 16 teams to 12 though, unless we had expanded lineups in the 12 team league, like more starters and maybe 35-40 roster spots... although with taxi slots, 40 probably isn't necessary. It's more fun when more guys are worthwhile, especially in cap leagues! At least in my opinion.

I'll set this up today, I'll do it as an initial 12 team league and if it fills up quite quickly I'll look at the possibility of making it a 16 team league.


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