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Low Testosterone or maybe not? (1 Viewer)


Went to a "Men's Health" clinic here locally July 6th.  I was hoping to get my Testosterone checked so I can get some replacement Testosterone since my buddy bragged how it made him like an 18 year old kid again. Doc said that I would have my results within a few days and wrote scripts for injectable testosterone.  Told me I could get the prescription filled but to wait for results before starting injections.   Well during the last month I have called to get my results 5 times and always get "the doctor is busy he will call you back."   Well, today it has been over one month and when I called today I interrupted the receptionist on the phone when she started with "the doctor is busy...."  Hold on I told her I have called for several weeks and no one has returned a call.  I told her I was very frustrated and could I just come to the "clinic" and get my money back.  The receptionist didn't know how to handle that situation and would have to speak with the doctor who owns the clinic. Left my number and I finally get a call back from the doctor.

Doctor - I heard you were upset and wanted your money back and were rude to my staff!

Me - Not rude I was just matter of fact and yes I would like my money back. 

Doctor - Why do you feel like you should get your money back?

Me - Dude it has been 1 month and I haven't heard anything back from you on my results and your staff hasn't returned my calls. 

Doctor - Well your T levels are ok and you need to find another doctor due to "being so needy!"  

Me - That is fine I will find another doctor.  

100% true story.     Money well spent.   



If you use fake testosterone your nuts stop making the real stuff. Don't do it unless you 100% need it. People who use this stuff recreationally are bonkers.



He knew you just wanted some extra T to feel great (which you did). He gave you the script and covered his ### with some BS about wait until the test results are back before you start. I’m pretty sure he’s  just running a clinic that gives T scripts to anyone over 40 who wants one. If you want real medical advice go to a regular doctor. 



Leave a negative review.  Obviously under a fake name because you dont want people to know your balls dont work.


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