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LSU advances to Elite Eight over Duke (1 Viewer)

Doug B


Big deal for us LSU fans. Thought they were done after Duke went up 44-40. LSU lost some games like that earlier in the year ... get up on them a little bit, and they'd never quite get back in it (but at least still lose close).

But lately, the Tigers have been showing some 2-minute moxie ... something they haven't had since the '87 team (yes ... pre-Shaq). Well, it'll be something nice to enjoy until Saturday. Hope they can make the Final Four :fingerscrossed:

Kudos to my GW buddies who were there rocking it with a huge "DUKE SUCKS" sign and made it onto TV.


Turning point in the game was when Duke was up 45-40 and missed a free throw. Redick got a good look at a 3 and missed it. LSU came right down the floor and knocked in a 3. Instead of 48-40, it's 45-43 and LSU is right there.

McRoberts got really rattled too, it seemed.

the funny part is that a&m's loss will probably help texas the most b/c there is no way a&m would have beaten duke

and texas will have a better time with lsu than duke


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