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Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint WR GA - Sleeper? (1 Viewer)



Player: Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint

Age: 22​

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint Measurables:

  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 195
  • 40:
  • Vertical Jump:
  • Broad Jump:

Prospect Grade: 65%​

Projected Draft Day: Early 3​

Player Comparison: Marvin Jones Jr​

Best Team Fits:

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint Summary:

The Positives

  • Explosive release
  • Senior Bowl standout
  • Good athlete
  • Sharp routes (as most georgia receivers possess)
  • Good body control in air
  • Hands are good overall
The Negatives

  • Very limited production
  • Needs to be more aggressive at point of catch
  • Has to get better catching off target throws
  • Reveals play type based on release
  • Does not offer a lot of YAC
Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint is one of our biggest sleepers at the wide receiver position in this draft. He was routinely the third pass catching option at Georgia and was never really given the targets to flourish. However, what he shows on film is a ton of upside. His route running is very good and his hands are reliable for the most part. He possesses a great release that is very explosive and should aid him in winning immediately versus press. His athleticism is above average though not special and he needs to get better at attacking the ball instead of drifting off of it. That being said, his Senior Bowl performance throughout the week seems to be a sign of things to come. He is a day 2 talent that will likely be available on day 3.

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