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Marquis Goodwin is on WW do I add in Dynasty? (1 Viewer)


Do I pickup Goodwin off WW if yes who should I drop? NOte,  I'm not competitive this season. It's year 1 of dynasty league. I'm building for future.   Goodwin, when healthy is usually solid WR1.  Situation is not ideal but in the future could be.

10 Team 2 QB PPR Dynasty League. 26man Roster with 2IR. 

Start: 2 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1W/T, 1W/R 1W/R/T, 1K, 1 DEF, 2 IDP

 My TEAM: 

QB: DWatson, R Wilson, B Mayfield. 

WR: RWoods, AJeffery, TLockett, CSutton, MVS, DJMoore, CKirk, DVParker, KCoutee, DPettis, CGodwin TB, 

RB: EzElliott, NChubb, NHines, RFreeman, RJonesII,   IR D. Guice

TE: Kelce, Goedert,  PUP_R HHenry

K: Butker


IDP: L Kuechley, B Martinez 



Recent Dynasty Rankings have WRs as follows:
Jeffery WR21, C Godwin 23, Woods 24, Lockett 26, Moore, 30, Kirk 31, Sutton 34, Coutee 43,  Goodwin 46, Pettis 48, MVS 51, DVP 69. 


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