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Marvin Lewis gets Big Extension (1 Viewer)


Bengals give Lewis big raise

Jay Glazer / FOXSports.com

The Cincinnati Bengals' playoff season has paid off for Marvin Lewis.

FOXSports.com has learned the Bengals coach has signed a new five-year deal. Lewis had three years left on his current deal, but Mike Brown has torn up his last deal and given him a significant raise over his current contract. The Bengals are expected to officially announce the new contract later Thursday.

Last season, Lewis led the Bengals to their first playoff appearance since 1990 and an 11-5 record. Cincinnati also won the NFC North.

This is Lewis' third year with the Bengals and he has clearly helped rebuild a franchise struggling prior to his arrival after stints in Baltimore and Washington.

Lewis was named the ninth head coach in Bengals history in January 2003. In his first two seasons, he posted consecutive 8-8 records. The 16 wins equaled the team's win total in the previous four seasons.

This is great news for Bengals fans, who can look forward to another 4 years of excellence in Cincinatti.


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