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Matt Bowen or Ryan Clark (1 Viewer)

Dave Baker

Damn glad to meet you
The general feeling, at least with me and from I've read, is that Matt Bowen, if healthy, is to be the SS opening day. With the Sean Taylor situation causing initial alarm, some suggested Bowen and Clark would start.First of all, is Bowen 100%? How has he been looking? Is there any danger to Clark beating him out for the SS spot? I really haven't seen much online about this.

Gregg Lewis loves Bowen. He's fast and tough, is great on the blitz, and levels some hits. In other words, he's a classic strong safety. He's the starter when healthy, and he's healthy. Clark's a solid backup to have because of the number of sets the team plays which use extra DB's. And of course, if Bowen goes down to injury Clark showed last year that he's a capable starter. Taylor's legal situation is irrelevant this season. His trial's been postponed to the next offseason (Jan. '06, I believe). He's there, he's the starter, and he's a stud.

Bowen yesterday sprained the same knee that he tore the ACL in last year, which ended his season and required surgery. Still, everyone's calling it a minor tweak which has him day to day and will not cost him PT this season, although he won't play in tonight's game versus the Bengals. It's something to watch.


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