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McGrath anything to see here? (1 Viewer)


Im desperate for a TE this week. NONE of the usual suspects or sleepers are on the WW because this is my FFPC league. McGrath looks fairly consistent in KC. He has multiple catches every week. Smith likes short throws, and he did make a star of Davis for the first part of last season. Anyone know anything about this guy? Is he rosterable, or will he lose his job when Mokei returns?

Smith loves his tight ends, I think McGrath will be a good option moving forward. Word I have heard on the radio is Moeaki is not the same after surgery. Assuming Clay with Miami is not available, McGrath is a good play. Clay has a great matchup against the Ravens this week as well...

Posted about this in the Andy Reid thread. What we saw was what people were expecting from Kelce. So my questions what is the story on Fasano and Kelce in terms of their health?

He was undrafted out of Henderson State (the Reddies, from Arkadelphia, Arkansas). Ended up on the Seahawks practice squad, moved up to be 3rd string last year.

Love the situation but I passed on him for Winslow because I expected McGrath's 4/31/0 & 2/31/0 lines would be more like what to expect.

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce underwent arthroscopic knee surgery Tuesday.

Kelce never got over the bone bruise he sustained in the preseason, turning his rookie season into a lost year. The Associated Press suggests he could placed on injured reserve. It's a disappointing turn of events for Kelce, a physically imposing third-round pick that had a major chance with only Anthony Fasano ahead of him on the depth chart.
- RW

Fasano's been out weeks 3-5 and it's hard to tell what's wrong with him.

This is now McGrath's job?
5 recs for 50 yards w/ >10% chance of TD seems to be the ceiling, nice pick up for deep leagues. Fasano skill is blocking and I think when he returns McGrath will continue to get looks. Hes earned Smith's trust.

If your in a ffpc league, he's looks like a good bye-week filler. As long as Smith continues to dink dunk with success, McGrath will hold some value.


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