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Miami at NY Jets (1 Viewer)

Classic Dolphins. Nice time consuming drive. Stopped themselves with a big penalty and misses on easy long TD throws. And then the FG try is no good. Tannehill badly missed Moore down the left sideline. Then didn't pull the trigger when Hartline was open streaking down the middle. Excellent play calling for a change. Miller looking good so far.

Dolphins drive into Jets territory. Stuffed on 3d and 1. Go for it on 4th. Tannehill takes a deep shot down the sideline. Throw not that great. Jets ball at own 43. Miami dominating all stats and time of possession but no score.

Meanwhile, for some reason Rich Gannon thinks Philbin is doing a great job as coach.

And another wasted drive. Tannehill throw on and 3rd and long deflected. Wallace makes about as weak an effort as you will ever see to prevent the INT. The ball took forever to come down and he could have easily prevented the pick. Miami continues to dominate the game while not scoring. And we all know how that ends.

Tannehill has had decent protection today. Just not making good throws on long balls and not getting throws out fast enough against blitzes.

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I can't even. Stuffed on 3d down at the Jets one. Miami goes for it on 4th. From the shotgun (!) Tannehill tries to hit Clay on the fade in the corner but it's too far. Yet another drive, their best of the game so far, wasted. Unbelievable.

I don't think the Dolphins are well served by living and dying with Tannehill right now. Problem is they have no other option. This offense is not good.

Kick the friggen FG...

This infuriates me. Your stopping Geno, just get points. UGGG... The dolphins are as good as their uniforms... HORRID!

How does Lamar Miller not get one carry down there ? I realize he isn't a bruiser but he is your best back.

Philbin not burned by the gamble as the Jets offense is nonexistent. Jets go three and out with an incomplete third down throw stopping the clock for the time out free Dolphins. Tannehill works the team into FG range and we finally have a score.

Cowher really ripped Tannehill on halftime show. He isn't Geno Smith but no question he missed chances in the first half. Hope he can improve in the 2d half.

Keep running Lamar from the ### #### proset and stop these shotgun handoff's that do absolutely nothing.....nothing all freaking season.

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Sweet play for Miami. Tannehill with a perfectly thrown slant pass to Hartline who shakes off a tackle and streaks into the end zone.

Cumberland got held on that drag route. Right in front of the ref too.

gotta take the points there

Great drive for Tannehill. Lots of sharp passes for first downs. Then beats the blitz with a quick throw to Wallace who breaks a tackle and takes it in down the right sideline. Dolphins in control now.

Miller stopped on 3rd and goal from the 1 after a review reversed a TD on 2nd down run. Miami chooses to kick FG for some reason on 4th. So looks like 4th quarter streak of no TD's continues.


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