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Michael cox upside (1 Viewer)


With Andre browns injury do you think we see him contribute early on? He has same build as brown.

I know he was talked up a lot during training camp, but he couldn't muster up more than -1 yards on 9 carries in the preseason against 2nd and 3rd string defense. I don't have much hope. I think Torrain or Da'Rel Scott might be more involved.

I'm going to go out and say that I really don't foresee any of these other guys having fantasy value. Dynasty or Redraft, even in the deepest of leagues. We're probably looking at a situation where Torain wil come in on some passing downs to block and him and Cox will split like 5-8 carries a game. Otherwise it's going to be the David Wilson show. None of them have any real value I'd be shocked if any of the backups get more than 50 carries this season if Wilson is healthy.

I believe this is a situation which certainly warrants careful monitoring, but none of the other backs excites me much. Much is yet unknown about Wilson, however, and his ability to endure the rigors of a long season, so it makes sense to examine the depth chart.

Michael Cox (6'0", 220) is built similar to Andre Brown (6'0", 227), and drew the praise of coaches early in camp. Cox has persevered through numerous setbacks to his athletic career, much like Brown, as well. I am not certain he has the tools to fill Brown's void, however.

Ryan Torain lends some veteran presence to a young RB corps, and he is also similarly built.

Da'Rel Scott could also factor in, and he has shown flashes of upside that intrigue me.

For now, I think it is nothing more than a wait-and-watch situation.

Cox will probably only see about 40 snaps this season. His main role is going to be as a KR. If more injuries occur, the Giants would sign a few league minimum vets and then maybe he'd have a larger role in a game or two.

socrates said:
Much is yet unknown about Wilson, however, and his ability to endure the rigors of a long season, so it makes sense to examine the depth chart.
I suppose? I mean... I look at his senior year at VTech.

290 carries, 1709 yards, 5.9ypc, 9 TDs | 22 receptions, 129 yards, 5.9ypr, 1 TD | 22 KRs, 415 yards, 18.9 ypr

So 334 touches in a single season (a smaller season than the NFL where he saw a full NFL amount of touches) and he held up fine with no injuries to speak of at all. Sure, the NFL is a little bit harder hitting, and I'm not saying he'll hit 290 carries for 1709 yards (not that I see that as something he can't obtain either). My main point is just saying he had a lot of work in college and he's young still, there's no reason to believe he can't handle 330-350 touches of the ball in a season if that's what the Giants decide to give him.

Honestly, if he looks as good in regular season as he's looked throughout preseason and last season in limited work. It's going to be VERY hard for the Giants to put him on the sidelines for more than a couple plays a game. He's going to see 280-300 carries and another 40+ catches when this season is in the books.

As for Cox, I don't think any of the back ups right now have upside. Unless they go out and sign a Brandon Jacobs, Tim Hightower, Willis McGahee type, there's really nothing to see behind Wilson.

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Not even sure the backups on current roster will be the guy to give Wilson a breather.

They could look to bring back someone like DJ Ware for a few weeks if/when Brown able to come back.


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