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Michel or Enunwa? (1 Viewer)


PPR league, got a bye week player so have to choose between Enunwa and Sony Michel. Really not sure here. I would play enunwa but with buckheart gone and Enunwa facing Jacksonville....I'm leaning towards Michel.

Any thoughts guys?

Without considering matchups Enunwa would be the choice, but that Jacksonville secondary should easily be able to handle him.  He could still pile up 3 yard catches, which will still get you points, but I assume the Jets won't call too many of those.

Michel looked awful last week, but if the Patriots do get inside the five he will be the best option to bang it in.  So I think you are mostly looking for TDs from him.

I think I would go Michel.


I'm leaning towards Enunwa here. The Jets are manufacturing ways for Enunwa to get his touches and I believe that creates a better floor for you with him. Michel will depend on a TD for him to have been a good call. I believe floor and upside go Enunwas way this game, even against JAX. GL

I'm on the Michel train. I am expecting Michel to gain a larger role in the offense as the Patriots get their act together. As a Phins fan, I am expecting a fairly heavy dose of the run game. Especially with the Dolphins D being as banged up as it is. That being said I'm benching Michel as my flex in two leagues starting Geronimo Allison in one and Calvin Ridley in the other. Might be a mistake, but I am going with the hot receivers right now.


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