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Minnesota Scorekeeper Now Too? (1 Viewer)

Mr. Know-It-All

Looking at the tackle stats from last nights game and could not believe the number of assisted tackles. Greenway, Sendejo and Henderson alone combined for 29 ATs and only 17 UTs. That was either the epitome of gang tackling, someone was being excessive with ATs, or someone was being stingy with UTs.

Stat guy was freakin ridiculous. Worst IDP stat-giving I've seen in awhile. He would have given two semi-colons if allowed (ie, Henderson; Greenway; Sendejo).

Despite the insane assists, Sendejo looked great last night.

I'm glad I don't play in leagues that award pts for stupid assists.

I know Jene posted an article a few seasons ago stating the new league protocol was the use the semicolon (both players credited with assists) method on all tackles involving 2 players.

A lot of stadiums are overriding this and still using the comma method (solo for 1st player/assist for 2nd player),

Cleveland, Minnesota, Washington, and Indy are so assist happy that it becomes frustrating at times. Now Baltimore is becoming the same way this season as well.


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