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MNF - Cowboys vs. Giants (-1, 39) (1 Viewer)

Jones has missed a few guys downfield, but he's legit running for his life right now. Giants (Jones) needs to see the blitz coverage and audible to a blitz beater.
Daniel Jones Starting QB career will be over after this season. Man he is a terrible starting QB. A backup at best......what a bust. Time she’s up on his tenure.
It's so nice to see the explosion back from Saquon Barkley. He's back to being a guy who can get more than what's blocked and carry an offense; he'll get 3-2-8-1-4 then gash you with a home run.
Truth be told, with the state of the RB position this year, I think Barkley as RB1 overall is a very possible outcome. Both season long, and after tonight.
Cowboys already at midfield, Wink might want to call off the dogs a bit. Pressure is not getting to Rush and he's a lot more poised than your normal backup QB.
This is feeling like an OT game to me. Does seem like both teams offenses are adjusting to what the defense is giving them.
like ... if someone tosses a ball in my general direction, I catch it. It's not like the TE fired it in his face. Also maybe look around to see if a ref was there? It's just DUMB.

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