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Mohandas Gandhi vs. Muhammad Ali (1 Viewer)

Whom do you admire more?

  • Mohandas Gandhi

    Votes: 67 88.2%
  • Muhammad Ali

    Votes: 9 11.8%

  • Total voters


Mohandas Gandhi- Indian activist, believed in nonviolence and civil disobedience, dedicated vegetarian, spoke out against Britain during World War II, fought against racism in South Africa, known in India as the "Father of the Nation", political foe of Winston Churchill, assassinated at age 78.

Muhammad Ali- 3 time Heavyweight Champion, considered by many (including himself) to be the greatest boxer of all time, Black Muslim (and later simply Muslim), stripped of his title for refusing to be drafted during Vietnam War, peace activist, philanthropist, womanizer, cultural icon, trash talker, suffers from Parkinson's Disease as a result of head trauma likely caused by too many years in the ring.

Cant you start one thread for every 4 matchups at least?

With separate poll questions. Dont do this please.
In the past that's what I've done, but in this case I thought there might be more specific discussion about each individual- that's what I'm hoping for anyhow, which is why I did it this way.

Are you stupid? A pacifist vs. a boxer? No matter the rules, Gandhi lays down and takes it. Punches, kicks, broadswords, whatever, I can't imagine any setup where it's even close.

At least make your stupid stolen poll questions interesting. Like chainsaw vs. aluminum bat, or whip vs. sledgehammer.

On April 28, 1967, Muhammad Ali refused to be inducted into the army. It's not the most exciting anniversary, but we'll take any excuse we can to celebrate Ali. So here it is, a few trivia questions about the greatest boxer that ever was.

How Did a Bicycle Trigger Muhammad Ali's Boxing Career?We assume this is why most boxers train with a stationary bike.When, at the age of twelve, somebody stole Muhammad Ali's (then Cassius Clay) bicycle, he headed straight for the police. He stormed into the station, insisting he was going to beat up whoever did this. The police officer that day was a man named Joe Martin, and he was a boxing trainer who saw something. He took Ali under his wing and encouraged him to take up fighting. Of course, Martin's advice worked out. Clay was in the ring for his first fight six weeks later. And, well, you know the rest.

Who Played the Title Character in Buck White in 1969?His nickname was actually The Greatest. How cool is that?Ali's refusal to be inducted into the military in the midst of the Vietnam War earned him a suspension from boxing and a sudden increase in free time. So Ali tried his hand at acting, starring in the musical Buck White. One New York Times review wrote that Ali "sings with a pleasant slightly impersonal voice, acts without embarrassment, and moves with innate dignity." Which we think was a compliment, though we're not totally positive. The show closed after four nights. 

What Was the Major Problem With Ali's Decision to Marry Veronica Porche in Zaire?While getting ready for his famous matchup against George Foreman in Zaire, Ali married Veronica Porche, one of the "poster girls" working to promote what was being dubbed "The Rumble in the Jungle." There was only one problem with this decision: Ali was already married to someone else. According to his then-wife Khaliliah Camacho-Ali, Muhammad Ali told her that he had an affair with Porche, he just left out the part where he married her. Which is kind of a big detail to leave out. Ali and Camacho-Ali eventually divorced and Ali legally married Porche. Unfortunately, the two split up nine years later. Porche said the major reason for their divorce was that Ali cheated on her. We're shocked.

What Movie Did Ali Inspire When he Beat Chuck Wepner?Chuck Wepner was a nobody. Muhammad Ali had just won the aforementioned "Rumble in the Jungle" and was the champion of the world. So it was no surprise that Wepner was a 40:1 underdog and everyone was picking Ali to crush his opponent. Then the match started. After putting up a heck of a fight through eight rounds, Wepner became the third man ever to knock Ali down, putting him on the ground with a right. 

Ultimately though, the favorite did win. Ali got back up, he pummeled Wepner, and the ref waved off the match with 19 seconds left in the 15th round. Wepner lost, but it was still one heck of an achievement, nearly going the distance against the champ when everyone thought he'd get annihilated. That fight caught the eye of some guy named Sylvester Stallone who suddenly had an idea for a movie. And so it was that Rocky was born. That's Ali for you. Even when he has a disappointing fight, something great seems to come out of it.

Its amazing that the racism that exists within Muhammed Ali has never really been made issue of.
was also very vocal about his disdain for mixed race marriages ... had his homophobic moments, as well. 


Its amazing that the racism that exists within Muhammed Ali has never really been made issue of.
It's amazing that we believed 50 years ago that people were lining up to convert to Islam just to enter conscientious objector status for the draft, but now we think a bunch of ###hats who fly planes into buildings and murder people in Africa represent the true meaning of the religion.

Gandhi always had trouble with dropping his right hand.  Ali would have KO'd him pretty quickly. 
I am pretty sure it was Gandhi that Ali was referring to when he said "even you even dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologize."

Gandhi slept nude next to young nude women in order to challenge himself and test his chasteness. What are the odds that he always passed the test?

this is stupid ali would kick his butt sideways it would be like the opposite of the thrilla in manilla it would be the nonthrilla in brazzila because the fight would be in brazil and that is what they would call it take that to the bank bromigos 


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