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More Yahoo glitches (1 Viewer)


So, last week, an owner had to drop Justin Tucker in my short bench Yahoo league.  But, rather than Tucker going to waivers, he automatically became a free agent.  When I saw that he was dropped, I went to put in a waiver claim, only to discover another owner picked him up free of charge.  I quickly asked the commish for guidance, and he said he had no idea, but would check.  Between he and I, we came to the conclusion that any player who is dropped during their bye week becomes a free agent instead of going to waivers.  I congratulated the guy who snagged him, and told myself to remember to watch for dropped players on their bye.

Fast forward to this week.  Two DET players were dropped this week, because the owners needed starters:
RB Jamaal Williams and TE T.J. Hockenson
Jamaal was dropped at noon and became a free agent instantly.  I had no interest in him, so did nothing.  At 3pm, an owner dropped Hockenson and I jumped into action almost immediately.  Yahoo website decided that Hockenson would go to waivers.  I know the commish had no part to play in this - this is entirely a glitch by Yahoo.

My problem now is I have no proof that I was the first to try to claim Hockenson as a free agent, other than my text message to the commish saying Hockenson was on waivers.  Any of the other owners can say they tried too, so now the commish doesn't want to rock the boat, and is leaving Hockenson on waivers.  I now have to put in a claim for him, but will surely lose out to a guy I know was not on the website trying to pick him up like I was.

I don't blame the commish for any of this, and just got Kittle back this week.  But I know if the website had listed him as a free agent, I could've pounced and had a great player to bargain with.



Pretty sure the glitch was Tucker and Jamaal going straight to FA - been using Yahoo for years and I've never seen a player dropped that didn't go to waivers, never mind if it's their bye week or not.  



Long time commish of a yahoo league.   Usually the "glitch" is a commish not understanding one of the waiver settings and then everyone yells bloody murder when something unexpected happens.   However, it's possible.

To the OP, any chance that Tucker and Jamaal were picked up in the past 24 hours (or after the midnight rollover) before they were dropped?   That would send them direct to free agency.   It's the yahoo counter-measure that prevents owners from cycling free agents.

Otherwise, do you have full and complete trust in your commish?   Any chance that he would temporarily change the waiver settings to off in order to push trades or favors through with a buddy?   It's also possible that he went into the settings and accidently switched something.   With this said, there should be a bread trail of any changes to league settings.

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