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Mostert for James Cook?? (1 Viewer)

uh oh hot dog

8 man PPR league with 1 qb, 2 rbs, 2wrs, 2 flex (te, wr,rb) defense and kicker. My team consists of:

Burrows, Love
J Mixon, R. Mostert, K Williams, R Stevenson, J Taylor, Z Charbonnet and Gainwell
S Diggs, D Adams, M Pittman, DJ Moore, D London, C Watson, E Moore

I have been offered James Cook in trade for Mostert and here are my thoughts:

. Mostert has been great but now that Achane has shown what he can do and Wilson will be back week 5 now seems to be a good time to sell high
. Cook doesn't have much competition for carries and he is rated quite a bit higher than Mostert. Plus he plays for the Bills. Downside is Murray and Allen eating the goal line TDS.

Thoughts on accepting the trade or not....I will also help with your lineup and trade questions as well....just let me know.

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