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My KC Mock Rounds 1-7 (1 Viewer)

Kevin Ashcraft

Here it is.....my KC mock draft. I looked for my predictions from last season but they have been purged long ago. I predicted Derrick Johnson, Dustin Colquitt and Boomer Grigsby....not to shabby.


1. Santonio Holmes WR OH ST-The more I hear about this guy the more I like him, especially his character. When asked in an interview recently about what he would do to celebrate his first TD, he said he would hand the ball to the ref, like he was taught. I LOVE that. KC has lost a LOT of depth in Boerighter and Horn leaving, and I dont think Jeris Mcintyre is an answer, Cro Thorpe hasnt shown much yet. I would love to get Holmes in the offense as a #2-3 and let Dante Hall just do is return job and totally forget about playing WR.

2. Eric Winston OT MIAMI-He could be gone, but I have seen mocks with him going from 1.25 till our pick in Round 2. The kid is a team leader, and is one the fastest and quickest OTs in the draft. The reports from NFLE are that Will Svitek has been outstanding. If so thats fine. In my opinion, Willie Roaf is still going to retire this season, so Winston and Svitek would make a nice pairing 2007 and beyond. Svitek can start in '06 @ RT and Winston can start in '07. I dont envision Kevin Sampson, Jordan Black or Jeremy Parquet being the solution. If Winston is gone, the pick here would be........

3. Alan Zemaitis CB PENN ST - With a new Cover-2 scheme being brought in, I think this guy is what we need. He doesnt have the man-to-man shutdown skills, but he is a player who seems to play better in a zone and is a leader and was a high character guy. If AZ is taken in round 2, I would nominate Dusty Dvoracek, DT -OKLA here. He is a high motor DT with a nasty side, something KC has sought for since 2002....Siavii, Sims and the like are not nasty boys.

4-pick to NYJ

5. Paul Pinegar QB FRES ST-A guy who is one of those who will need some time to mature and learn. Trent Green still has 2-3 seasons left and Pinegar may not even be groomed as a starter, but with his production and his character, he is a guy who should play, at least as a backup, for a long time.

6. Scott Ware, S SO CAL-Could be a huge steal here. Good tackler and tough as nails. Greg Wesley is a marginal NFL Safety and I really think Ware could start in 1-2 seasons. Also, Sammy Knight is over 30 and Jerome Woods may be cut, which means that Ware would have the door wide-open to earn PT.

6. J.D. Runnels FB OKLA-Is ROnnie Cruz the answer @ FB for KC? I dont know but I know that Runnels is one of the best blocking FBs in the draft and at the very least will make the team with his leadership, hard work and character. Seeing him play 4 times on TV gave me an appreciation for the guy. Is not a ball carrier but @ the end of his stay, neither was Richardson.

7. John Busing OLB MIAMI (OH)-A sleeper/project who could end up playing as a SS. Shows great tackling abilty and is smart and plays well in coverage.

Thoughts & comments are welcome.

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