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my last WSIS for the week.... (1 Viewer)


I have made a couple of trades today that have completely altered my defense going into tommorrow. This has left me with a couple of difficult decisions regarding who i should start. Out of these four listed, pick the two that i should start:Sam CowartAndra DavisKawika MitchellPatrick KerneyAlso, here is the scoring system:Tackle Solo (1)Tackle Assist (0.5)Sack (3)Interception (2)Fumble Force (2)Fumble Recovery (2)Touchdown (6)Safety (2)Pass Defended (1)Block Kick (2)Any help would be appreciated.....thanks!

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Cowart is a no brainer.The 2nd I hesitate between Kerney and A Davis. I don't think Kerney has an expected number of sacks of 1.0 this week. Against the Eagles I would put him at about 0.5 sack. This is 1.5 pts in your scoring system. A Davis has more than 1.5 expected number of tackles over Kerney I think. So I would go with A Davis. The other point categories are minor when compariing these two players so I think in terms of T+A and sacks only.Good luck!


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